Growing up there were few planned photos of my own parents, siblings and self so the faded pictures I have I treasure dearly as they capture the early days of my family and my heritage including those who passed away far too young.

I’d love to take some time to create lasting memories of you and your family for you to share, treasure and be proud of.

This is Us!

This is Us!

Nicki Osbaldiston|Photographer

Kia Ora, originally from a small town in New Zealand, I’m now living in Orlando, Florida with my husband and sons.  I’ve always loved to create!  I love working with colours, textures and styles.  I love to look through the lens of a camera and capture the beauty I see.  I especially love people’s expressions when they see how natural light and colour brings out their best. When I show them the back of the camera I love that gasp, that delighted smile, that rising in stature and that eagerness to capture some more!

Portrait Art and Lifestyle Photography, one of my passions, is closely linked with my long-term ministry to international students and families.  Uniquely, all proceeds from my professional photo sessions benefit nonprofit and charitable work, which is another of my passions.  I’d love to share with you how you, like several others, can receive great service while donating directly to a worthy cause. 

I believe my opportunity to travel extensively, as well as live and work cross-culturally has helped me to observe and portray connection, depth and personality in my images.  

Happiness:  it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort”.   Vincent Van Gogh

Also being involved in the corporate world in many different roles over the years, I know how much your image represents who you are.  It’s all about how you’ve been directed to pose, your expression and your experience of being photographed.  It’s important to me to give great service and quality images that reflect you at your best!