Showing YOU to the World


Sometimes it's required: business, professional like, other times you just want to update how the world sees you.  YOU are you - inside and out!  Let's capture the best view of you, let's chat about what you want that to look like, what mood, style and persona you want to share.  You have options, and you will look great!  

Having been involved in the corporate world in many different roles over the years, I know how much your image represents who you are.  It’s all about how you’ve been directed to pose, your expression and your experience of being photographed.  It’s important to me to give great service and quality images that reflect you at your best!

A consultation, an outfit choice and a scheduled photoshoot then you can tick that box.  Images are delivered a few days later in applicable digital format ready to upload for that resume, profile box or branding assets file.